Free Agent Registration

This page is to be used by those persons whom are looking to be placed on a team for the upcoming season. Due to the difficulty of finding where to place the individual player, the form needs to be turned in by the early bird deadline of the particular league that the player wishes to join. Based on the amount of individual players that turn in their registration, the player will either be placed with a team that has already been formed; if the team accepts another participant, or they will be placed with other single players to be the contact person and supervisor of the team depending on age. By turning this registration in, it does not guarantee that said player will be placed on a team. This is a registration that is based on the approval of pre-made teams and/or enough individual registrants to form a team. Players may also be placed into older brackets to complete a team, however this is only available if the player is willing and has permission to move up age divisions. 

Complete this form to register as a free agent.

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